Individual & Family Dental Coverage

SmartSmile dental plans are available for individuals, couples, families, or just your dependents – the plans that do so much, so simply, so quickly and so economically.

  • For Washington State residents since 1984
  • No age limits
  • No deductibles
  • No claim forms
  • No waiting periods
  • No enrollment restrictions
  • No pre-authorization for treatment
  • No exclusions for pre-existing conditions
  • No maximum dollar limits on benefits
  • Conveniently located, Quality Assured dentists
  • Guaranteed renewable for life
  • Orthodontic coverage included
  • Coverage for over 120 procedures

Compare your out-of-pocket cost on seven common dental procedures:

ProcedureRegular FeeSmartSmileSuper SmartSmile
Sealant – per tooth$62$5$5
Teeth cleaning$138$25$12
Full mouth x-rays$165$25No cost
Two-surface amalgam filling$256$52$35
Two-surface composite filling$307$76$57
Simple tooth extraction$366$134$135
Porcelain & high noble metal crown$1,400$475 + lab fees$475 + lab fees

Regular fees based on the average of the usual and customary fees for each service, per a June 2014 survey of dentists. Full SmartSmile plan copayment schedule (PDF)  &  full Super SmartSmile copayment schedule (PDF).

Dental care is given by a plan dentist of your choice. Rates start at $18.00 per month for the SmartSmile plan and $24.25 per month for the Super SmartSmile plan.

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Group Dental Coverage

We offer affordable SmartSmile dental plans for all business groups of any size, including associations, unions, and fraternal organizations, in addition to individuals. Plans can be offered employer-paid or through payroll deduction.

Tell us about your group and receive a customized group dental coverage quote.

Important note

The SmartSmile Plan is offered by Dental Health Services, a Washington Corporation, and is on file with the Office of the Insurance Commissioner for use in the state of Washington only.

About Neft Insurance

Neft Insurance is an independent insurance agency founded by Stan Neft. He entered the life insurance business in 1976 as an agent selling individual life policies. He later developed a marketing agency specializing in the Federal Employee market.

He left the life insurance business in 1980 to join one of America's original prepaid dental health companies. He has been a pioneer in the marketing of prepaid dental benefits for the last 30 years. His business consists primarily of individual, family, and small business dental programs.